Cognitive Polar Transformation (CPT)

Use the power of your mind to quickly relieve physical and emotional pain and, at the same time, activate your own natural healing process.

The mind has the little known power to directly change the frequency of a negative emotion and convert it into a positive one. Aptly nicknamed the Toggle Effect, this simple mental focus practice has the revolutionary power to relieve stress, improve mental function, improve health, and reduce pain—almost immediately.

This program takes Mindfulness to the next level.

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Emotional Pain Relief

We have all had crises moments. Depression, Anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder are painful emotional conditions left in the wake of those extremely painful moments. Our program takes teaches you how to focus on this pain and use it to restore your emotional power. CPT is use by Police, Veterans and First Responders to neutralize the effects Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Anxiety and Critical Incident Stress (CIS).

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Physical Pain Relief

Pain is an access point disguised as a dead end. CPT directly targets and relieves many pain symptoms including Migraines, and Fibromyalgia. When your pain clears, your mind will clear and your vitality will return. Injuries heal faster, range of motion is restored and scar tissue diminishes. Now, get back to the life you dream about and see what life beyond pain has in store for you!

What is Cognitive Polar Transformation?

Cognitive Polar Transformation (CPT) is a simple mental focus technique that reverses stress, relieves pain and brings the emotional system back into a balanced state.  CPT is a thinking process that uses the focus of the mind to produce changes in the polarity of emotional system.  The result is experienced as immediate relief of stress and pain. The long-term results are experienced as better health physically and mentally.
          It is a reverse thinking technique and should be practiced daily.  Practicing the technique allows a one to develop mastery in its applications. 

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The advantage which gives us is direct access to pain and stress reversal is the understanding that negative emotions and pain are the result of a system that is out of balance.  In Cognitive Polar Transformation, we identify not only the energy field, but also its distinct polar characteristics, its changeability from one expression or polarity to another, its affect on the cognitive function, its affect on pain and its affect on the body’s physiology.  

This program was first developed over 16 years ago and has since been used by thousands for fast relief of stress related symptoms including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Fibromyalgia,  and Critical Incident Stress (CIS). It is highly effective in pain reduction, and demonstrates remarkable results for both physical and cognitive health improvement. With the help and participation of medical students, doctors, counselors, veterans and people just like you, we have developed a comprehensive set of applications for CPT that is highly effective in getting you out of pain and on with life.

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