Cognitive Polarity Therapy (CPT) is the next generation of Emotional Treatment. Learning CPT as a practitioner or adding CPT to your present skill set will take your practice to the next level. We offer in-depth instruction on  emotional mechanics, balancing polarity extremes, and how to use the emotional system to directly impact health and pain. This new level of understanding the Mind Body connection gives you the ability to coach others into wellness while you are teaching them a skill they will use for the rest of their lives.

This 4o hour Certification Course teaches you how to guide clients through the emotional frequency shifts that reprogram stress, quickly relieves pain, improves relationships, and enhances cognitive function. Help your clients better manage their health, their life and their relationships using CPT’s unique technique. You be provided the tools you need to give PowerPoint presentations and guide clients through the process.

The subjects covered are: Emotional Reprogramming, Oriental Medicine Connection, Pineal Gland and the Conversion Process, Emotional Mechanics, Health Improvement, Pain Relief, Goal Achievement and Relationship Enhancement. You will be provided with Training, Charts, Workbooks and the PowerPoint presentations needed to support your clients with this new level of Emotional Healing and Well-being.

The cost of this program is $1500. This covers study material, instruction and hands on practice. A weekly support membership is available for on-going guidance after the course. Your first month of membership is included in your Instructors Course.

Call for more information 505-710-2764.

Practitioner’s Course