Molecular Thoughts

A Unique Discipline

Unlike other practices that temporarily relieve symptoms of negative emotions, the CPT technique is an easy and simple discipline that transforms negative emotions into positive, or higher frequency emotions. This subtle difference means that the effect is more lasting, often even permanent. It is in the realm of positive emotions that higher cognitive and physical performance, and happiness reside.  And, unlike meditation, mindfulness, and other similar disciplines, CPT requires just moments to effect profound change. This makes it useful in all types of crisis situations as well as at work, in bed and at play.

Even more significantly, the transformation has profound effects on your physical health. By using the emotional and physical mapping developed over thousands of years in Eastern Medicine, these effects can be predicted and even targeted for beneficial result.

Additional Benefits

With practice you will quickly develop a new level of emotional courage. This comes naturally as a result of having the tools needed to transform destructive negative emotions into positive health producing ones. The Cognitive Polar Transformation CPT technique transforms emotions into their opposite as described in Eastern medicine. For instance anger transforms into inspiration, fear transforms into peace and joy, and grief transforms into gratitude. These positive emotional states support increased emotional intelligence and improve your performance professionally, intimately, and physically. Each of these positive emotions have a direct positive effect on specific organ systems and with each emotional transformation your health will also improve.

Where To Go

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