Pain and stress are a form rooted in a form of energy, and that energy can be transformed. Energy can be categorized into higher and lower frequencies. Scientifically speaking, positive emotions are high frequency and negative emotions are low frequency. The lower frequencies  yield pain and sluggish, restricted and conflicted experiences. High frequencies in the emotional field yield faster healing response in the body, clarity of thought mentally, vitality and progressive action in your daily life. CPT is a predictable and effective method of transforming emotional energy from one frequency to the other, specifically from low to high frequency.

Our program teaches you why CPT works, and how to use your mind to convert low frequency negative tension in your mind and your body into high frequency energy activating positive healing results. This is the pathway to achieving better performance and improved health physically, psychologically and emotionally.

This technique is simple and easy to practice daily, requiring only moments at a time to effect often profound and permanent results.