Level 1 CPT

Learn the basic CPT technique and experience the transformation of your toughest emotions. You will learn how CPT works, where is came from and how you can apply it to your daily life to relieve stress quickly and improve overall performance. 1 1/2 Hour $45.00

We offer the Level 1 CPT class online.  Come join us for this eye opening presentation as we unravel the mystery of Changing Your Emotional Frequencies. 

Level 1 – Learn The Basic Technique – Call to reserve your spot 505-710-2764.




In this seminar you will fine tune the technique and learn how to use CPT to help you decide what you want, make clear decisions, set boundaries and build the emotional confidence needed to start, master and complete projects. In this class you will learn how each emotional transformation will enhance and improve mental abilities.  Each of those improvements are critical to making the progress you want to make in your life. Once you transform the stressors that trip you up and block your mental clarity, you will be on the path to progress. 1 1/2 hour  $45.00


In the first two classes you gained the understanding of stress, transformation and its effect on improving brain power. Now lets step it up a notch to help you more quickly attaining your dreams and goals. Each goal you set requires a specific strength both mentally and physically. Setting goals is an endeavor to better ourselves. We do that through the strengthening process as we strive to achieve bigger outcomes. Stress, in the form of doubt, anxiety, struggling confidence and worry is often the first thing we experience when we set out to accomplish our goals.  CPT allows you to directly target stress related to your goals, giving you the opportunity to elevate your emotional and mental capacity for success in reaching those goals faster. Using your goals as a starting point, we will help you isolate your specific emotional struggles and transform them into a higher frequency. You will literally get the exact emotional burst you need to attain anything you set your mind to with confidence. 2 1/2 hour  $55.00


Now it’s time to lean how to keep yourself in a good space around difficult people or in difficult situations.When we will delve into conflicts we find that the emotional tensions related to those conflicts now have a means with CPT to be quickly transformed. Each emotional strain you feel during conflicts will shift into the strength needed to repair, improve and move beyond those conflicts. The more conflicts you address with CPT the less vulnerable you will be to negativity in the future. Instead of being dragged down you will find yourself on a clear course moving through emotional pitfalls with ease.  Whether your disputes are in the business or personal realm, you will come out of the workshop with new insights that will help you craft great connections and relationships, which are the most important part of a great life. You will also learn to value conflicts as opportunities for personal growth as you become stronger. Introduction to CPT and Emotional Mechanics are a prerequisite. 1 1/2 hour  $45.00



This is where the rubber meets the road! In this advanced level class you will learn how to use CPT along with Eastern Medicine to target specific organs and body parts to promote the bodies natural healing response. Every symptom you suffer from has an emotional counterpart. Once those emotions have been addressed, health and vitality in the body is restored. We use Eastern Medicine to help you target the exact stress to produce specific improvements in your health and do it quickly. 1 1/2 hour  $45.00


Your pain is also deeply connected to your emotional system. Chinese medicine has been using their understanding of energy flow, meridians and pulse points for 1000’s of years to relieve pain. We discovered CPT can have the same amazing affect, if targeted properly. We will teach you how to monitor each of the 6 pulse points, used in Chinese Medicine, to give you an instant bio feedback as you use CPT. The results are surprisingly fast and will help you not only relieve pain, but also simultaneously speed up the healing process. Level 1, 2 and 5 are prerequisites to this class. 2 1/2 hour  $55.00



Call for more information on upcoming classes 505-710-2764.           Discounts apply if you sign up for more than one class.

Customized Seminars

We offer custom tailored programs for professional groups, sports teams, schools and first responders in addition to regularly scheduled seminars open to the public. Contact us for booking your group presentation.

Private Consultations

Private phone consultations will help you put CPT to work for your specific needs whether it is for relationship improvement, health issues or putting your dreams into action. With skilled guidance you will get the results you are looking for in the shortest amount of time. Put our experience to work for you. Call for a free consultation to see if CPT is a good fit for your needs. One on one instruction is available as well as ongoing support. One hour sessions are $90.00 or a 12 week package is available for $960.00


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